What draws your eye?

Today I ran across a photo today at Wedding 101.

I was blown away.

There is something so striking about this photo.

A big trend in photography right now is “fashion” shots. Magazine shots.

Something fabulous.   Glorious.   Breathtaking.

Every bride should feel this way on her wedding day and you want the photographs to show it!

This photographer – Alisha Hurt – used a very popular shot (bride and groom in the center, wedding party scattered around at different depths) and took its concept a little further.

She took the upgrade and ran away with it!

Notice how everyone in the picture is “busy”. They are not paying attention to the bride and groom.

The bride and groom have eyes only for each other.

We only have eyes for them.

I love that by taking the focus in the photograph off of the bride and groom, she draws our eye directly to them.

Just. Love it.

For more photos of Megan & Randy’s wedding click Here.


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