Fall Trends & Naughty Monkey

Let’s take a break – just a moment – from wedding planning to check out some of 2010’s fall trends.

Okay, so it’s really not a break, because wedding trends are typically pulled from the current fashions. A few things to think on as we leave (a really hot, humid) summer behind and dance our way into fall!

Check out these amazing fall fashions and see how they can be applied to your wedding!

RED is back! (wahoo!)

Red is back in full force this fall and winter, and I’m excited. Red never really left the wedding world, it’s a fabulous color. Red is such a power color, and makes everyone happy and ready to get up and dance. And that is exactly what one desires for their reception.

I cannot tell you how much I love these shoes. They are so perfect with … um everything! A great pair of dark skinny jeans and tee, or pencil skirt and button up black top, or (if you are really bold) a fabulous little red number. These shoes inspired this particular blog. I LOVE the brand of shoes Naughty Monkey, and get never ending compliments on their shoes when I wear them.

Beautiful ways to incorporate red into your wedding.

Camel is THE coat for the season.

The Camel Coat was originally introduced in 1951 as a “Summer Coat to be worn in the South, in the summer”  (blue navy coats were to be worn in the winter and in the North) but has recently made a comeback with a little refitting for the 2010 era. Take this gorgeous classic and make it your own with a belt, make it short or long, buttoned or not. (Have I mentioned I cannot wait for fall?)

Take the camel color and make it a romantic fall wedding OR

take the camel color and build a lovely outdoor wedding!

Mad for Plaid

Plaid continues its march through fashion (it’s been around for, what? Hundreds of years!) This year it shows up in killer dresses, coats, shirts and shoes. I love plaid, it’s such a fun print and fabric to work with and wear.

Take this fabulous look and mix it in with your reception – after all, doesn’t everyone have at a least a tiny bit of Scottish Heritage? 🙂

So there we are. Ways to mix current fashions and trends into your wedding. I love what Fall has to offer this year and look forward to pulling on my opaque tights, ankle boots and camel trench (to go shopping for that cute plaid skirt, of course).

Cheers and happy planning!

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  1. Genna says:

    I LOVE those shoes too!! So gorgeous! Thanks for the great inspiration!


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