2011 Styles & Trends – Entertainment!

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Wedding trends 2011 – Entertainment!

Entertainment at your wedding is important. Yes, your guests are there to celebrate your new marriage but it is your responsibility as host and hostess to see that your guests are comfortable and having a great time.

Host & Hostess
NOUN: two people who invite, welcome and entertain guests, often providing them with food and drink

Not only does your entertainment set the mood for the evening party, but also tells your guests a lot about what you like. It creates opportunities for great memories and assists your guests in mixing and mingling. There are several types of entertainment that can span the entire day. Here are some fab ideas for 2011…

* Marryoke – my big discovery of 2010! I have yet to feature this at a wedding but visit us at the 2011 Little Black Dress Revue and you will likely be able to try it out! Marryoke is basically ‘karaoke at a wedding’ but of course, with a twist! Different individuals and groups are filmed singing a song of the couple’s choice. All the footage is then edited together like a music video. Super fun. I suggest keeping to the same background and maybe providing a prop or two.

Click here to view a Sample Marryoke!

* The photo booth is a staple at weddings and we think it will stay around in 2011. Fantastic Flipbooks is a great variation of the photo booth and one that I LOVE. We, here at Music City Events, have access to the Fabulous Flipbooks and are happy to talk with about availability for your wedding reception.

* Casinos – if you are having a Las Vegas style wedding or if you really just love casino games, why not hire a full casino for some fun?

Games – great for garden parties or wedding venues with beautiful grounds. Croquet is an especially nice idea for a vintage-style wedding!

* If you’re going for a themed wedding, what about some themed dancers?

There are lots of other ideas that could work according to your style and the style of the day. Let us know how you choose your wedding entertainment!

Happy planning!


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