Not your Granpa’s Boutonniere!

LOVE this take on the boutonniere.

Ladies – we all know men are not crazy about wearing a rose on their lapel! For the most part, we try to give the men something “manly” to wear… here are a few out of the box options! {some are super cool and some are way sweet and some are totally out there!} Have fun with it! This is another way to completely customize your wedding!

Image #268709
Amy Wellenkamp Photographers

Edyta Photography

Fuzzy Rose – Etsy

via Cupcake Social

feather bouts

crafting 365 - day 88 by lilfishstudios.
Rose Now Floral

Happy planning!


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One Comment Add yours

  1. Diana says:

    LOVE the first one! The deer and ship . . . not so much. But the others are defintiely fun. Thanks for sharing!

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