5 Hostess Gifts under $25 {that you actually WANT to give!}

I was raised by an extremely proper and etiquette-ly driven mom (who would just roll her eyes at that sentence!). So, as a result, I like to bring a little gift to the gracious people who open their homes to me in some fashion. However… if you do not know a person well, the question often comes down to “what on earth can I get her?!”

Here are a few sweet hostess gifts – all under $25! – that you will actually WANT to give and she will LOVE having!

Monogram Wine Stopper
Sure you can always use the cork the bottle comes with, but every now and then those break or they are just plain difficult to put back. This gift takes a little forethought, but it’s a great one!

Monogram Wine Stoppers
Bed, Bath + Beyond ~ $9.99

Hand Wash
Who doesn’t need a lovely hand wash for the guest bath {especially after all the guests use what you purchased!}? This Fig + Thyme hand wash is environmentally friendly, too, so it’s a great gift for your Eco-Conscious hostess. Wrap it in pretty fabric or tissue paper (not a bag, just tissue paper!) and it’s a sweet little gift.

Fig and Thyme Hand Wash
Fig + Thyme Hand Wash ~ $9.00

DIY Cocktail Mixer
Thanks, Martha Stewart, for this lovely how-to. Create a cranberry or apricot-ginger fizz, add a little tag and you have a sensational custom gift!

Martha Stewart Living ~ $22 + your time

Bird-Shaped Juicer
Give this avian-inspired juicer a squeeze to efficiently extract fresh, flavorful juice from sliced citrus for baking, salad dressings and cocktails. How cute is that?!

Williams-Sonoma Juicer ~ $8.00

Scented Sugars
Scented sugar adds a subtle perfume and flavor to coffee, fruit desserts, and baked goods. Layer granulated sugar with aromatic edibles like scented geranium leaves, rose petals, orange and lemon peel (first set out for a day or two to dry), or vanilla beans. Mix small batches, and let them sit for a few days in tightly sealed jars while the scents infuse the sugar. One jar or a trio serves makes an unusual present for whomever you think could use a little sweetness. {I’ve done this one! Super easy, fancy 🙂 and well received}.

                                                         DIY Scented Sugars ~ $4-$5

Happy partying!

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