Talkin’ Sweet: Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Whether you and your groom are striving for your day to be as unique as possible, or just aren’t lovers of cake, there are many other options than the traditional wedding cake that will still provide a sweet ending to your meal!


Cupcakes are a great way to put a spin on tradition. They tend to be very budget friendly. You can also choose different flavors for your spread, and even have them individually decorated if you like. Guests are sure to enjoy the familiarity of them, and with specialized cupcake stands available today, you can still have a traditional looking display for your desserts! As pictured, you can also add a small cake on the top of the stand to allow for traditional cake cutting ceremony and provide a top tier for your anniversary!


Pie Bars

Cherry, blueberry, pecan, chocolate- the possibilities are endless! You can order specialty selections online, or if baking runs in your family, you can opt for a truly homemade selection. Imagine how your guests would feel eating a warm slice of cherry pie- Talk about comfort food!


Cake Pops

Cake pops are a growing trend. They are cake and icing rolled into one, dipped in chocolate and decorated to your liking! Pretty much any flavor is possible- even cheesecake! You can also get a stand for these whimsical treats for a more traditional display. Party goers will feel like kids in a candy store with their cake on a stick!


Dessert Bars

Thats right- it’s the best of everything! Why stick with only one dessert, when you can have everything your heart desires? Start with a small, traditional looking cake, add cupcakes, pies, cake pops, cookies, cheesecakes, puddings and more! There will be something to satisfy very sweet tooth in the building! At this wedding Music City Event’s coordinated, our bride and groom opted for cheesecake, miniature banana puddings, petite chocolate pies, and coconut cake.


~ Happy planning!

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