Let them be nude!

When I first started planning weddings in 2003 (WOW I cannot believe it has been so long!) it seemed that the only choices for shoes were gold, silver or whatever color the bridesmaids dresses were (I will stop a moment so we can gag at the thought of matchy matchy…).

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: weddings follow current and upcoming trends and fashion and nude is HOT right now!


photo courtesy of google images


Nude shoes can pull your ladies looks together and pull the multi-style dress option (or multi-colored dresses) together.

nude shoes maids

photo courtesy of google images


So… let them be nude!

nude shoes


photo courtesy of Kimberly Jarman Weddings

And let’s face it, letting them choose any kind of nude shoe they like just eliminates one more decision you have to make. And trust me. You want need to do that. For your sanity. 🙂

Happy planning!

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  1. Fun post, Sarah! 🙂 LOVE nude heels!

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