Swapna + Ben – A Real Nashville {and Indian!} Wedding

There really are not enough words to describe this amazing couple and their wedding day. Swapna and Ben’s wedding day was full of beautiful cultural traditions and an amazing blend of colors everywhere you looked. Fabulous to work with, of course, and a dream to create, design and set up. BUT. The truly wonderful thing was the sheer amount of joy in these two families. Swapna comes from an amazing Indian family who set up roots in Tennessee while Ben’s family is Jewish and calls Boston home. They are likely two of the smartest people I {or anyone else} will ever meet; studying at Yale, Brown, Harvard and MIT! But, more importantly, Swapna is sincerely one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and genuine people {and absolutely gorgeous}. Ben is just as full of grace and sincerity, kindness and compassion. They are perfect companions and partners in life!

Their entire celebration revolved around the love they have for their parents, friends and family. During the entire day, Swapna & Ben were always ensuring everyone else was taken care of and having fun {including our team, the photographers and videographers!}. Their wedding day was truly a celebration of their love and commitment; it was such an amazing pleasure and honor to plan with them.

Swapna and Ben, we will ALWAYS remember you fondly! Cheers to you for an amazing adventure in South Africa and a lifetime together!

{we worked so hard on the photo on the right; you have no idea!}

So much joy and love – every where!

Special thanks to the amazing people who helped make this day happen!

PHOTGRAPHER | Kristyn Hogan 
RECEPTION | Hutton Hotel
CEREMONY | Sri Ganesha Temple
FLORIST | Enchanted Florist
HAIR & MAKE-UP | Amy Lynn Larwig
VIDEOGRAPHER | FocalPoint Cinematic
DJ | Sensational Sounds
CATERER | Clay Pit
LINENS | Connie Duglin
DRAPING | Blue Nova Designs
LIGHTING | Bright Event Productions
CHAIRS | Music City Tents & Events


Happy Planning!

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