Dare to Be Different – Part 2

Our 3-part, Dare to Be Different Series was created by Music City Events. Sarah, owner and CEO, has worked with Nashville brides for years and loves couples who are willing to show their personality and create a great guest experience.


caricature at wedding

Photo: Rustic Wedding Chic

4) Interaction
Photobooths. Guest Books. Slideshows. All fun. All kind of expected at this point! Interaction for your guests is something that can elevate your wedding.

– Bring in a caricature artist and let guests take home these fun drawings – what a great favor!

– What about a few card magicians for cocktail hour? So much fun to try and find the right card!

– Give guests a Scavenger Hunt to play during cocktails and the reception. List fun items you have spent countless hours pulling together (swizzle straws, menus, custom lighting, or perhaps the first dance even!) for them to snap and load on Instagram – plus, insta-fun for everyone the next day! Just search for your custom hashtag.

wedding ideas nashville


– How fun would it be to see guests Instagram or tweet about the wedding and showcase the feed in the cocktail area or via an Instagram station?

wedding ideas nashville

Photo: Etsy


wedding ideas nashville


– What about fun dance lessons after the first dances? Hire professionals to teach a short dance and then have them dance with guests for the next hour!

– Don’t forget to print a fun itinerary for guests to see all evening – if they know that a fun surprise awaits at 10p, they are more likely to stay and enjoy the evening!


5) Go Solo
In this day and age it’s hard to imagine not snapping 30 photos in 30 seconds much less in a few hours. But, for a true Dare to Be Different moment, instead of asking guests to take pics, ask your guests to keep their camera and phones tucked away for the ceremony. Lay out the reasons in your programs and have your officiate make an announcement as well. You only do this once, after all, and they are in attendance because they are truly your nearest and dearest. Let them know you want them to fully participate in this momentous occasion – without the assistance of a screen. For at least 30 minutes.

no photos wedding guests

Photo: Etsy




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