Dare to Be Different – Part 3

Sarah, owner and CEO of Music City Events, is our contributor today.  This is part 3 of her series, Dare to Be Different.  See the last few weeks for Parts 1 and 2! ~~~ (Chef's Market) 6) Menu - Family style is a nice option for dinner. Less formal than plated but warmer than buffets, family style brings … Continue reading Dare to Be Different – Part 3

Dare to Be Different – Part 2

Our 3-part, Dare to Be Different Series was created by Music City Events. Sarah, owner and CEO, has worked with Nashville brides for years and loves couples who are willing to show their personality and create a great guest experience. ~~~ Photo: Rustic Wedding Chic 4) Interaction Photobooths. Guest Books. Slideshows. All fun. All kind of … Continue reading Dare to Be Different – Part 2

Dare to Be Different – Part 1

Dare to be different. It's a running thought for most of our brides. They don't want what their mothers had. Or their best friend. Or their favorite older cousin who got married recently. Sure Pinterest is fun, but … well, it is starting to look an awful lot alike in Pinterest World. What began as … Continue reading Dare to Be Different – Part 1

Honoring Your Loved Ones

Your wedding day is a time for everyone near and dear to you to come together and celebrate the beginning of your new life together. Unfortunately, not all couples are so lucky have their loved ones present. When those we hold dear have passed on before the wedding, many couples find it appropriate and comforting … Continue reading Honoring Your Loved Ones

The Art of “Glamping”

Picture it: a cabin in the middle of the woods, the smell of a freshly lit campfire, wildflowers – all the makings of a great rustic getaway. While incorporating these types of rural elements is nothing new, a new trend is taking it one step further. Glamping inspired weddings combine woodland essentials with modern and luxurious … Continue reading The Art of “Glamping”

Binge Diets. NOT. WORTH IT.

But seriously. It’s Just. Not. Worth It. We all know that moment. It's summer time. It’s two months until the big day. You're bombarded by media on every front with headlines like "Slim Down Fast!" and "30 Minutes to Swimsuit Abs!" and other such nonsense. Meanwhile, you're stressed about last minute wedding decisions (or, if you … Continue reading Binge Diets. NOT. WORTH IT.