A Real Nashville Wedding – Buck + Katie

We are so thrilled to feature this film by Nashville videographer John Jordan Films.

Katie contacted us a few short months before her wedding in a panic – little had been planned at this point and they needed someone to come in and design and plan the entire day (they had only chosen the venue and photographer!). We chatted on the phone with both the bride and groom and had a blast. I knew it was going to be a great wedding day and a fabulous couple to work with.

Watch their video and be on the look out for gorgeous images from one of our fave photographer, Jill, from B.O.B.!

<iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/96147079?autoplay=1″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>

Happy planning!

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Expert Advice: Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

Happy Friday everyone! As I sit this week, for the umpteenth time, updating and detailing and confirming schedules for our upcoming events, I am reminded of how much time timelines can take!

Recently Southern Weddings featured an amazing blog on how to create a comprehensive wedding day timeline for your upcoming big day. It has great tips and essential information for the DIY bride who may not have a planner. 

(Let me interrupt myself to say, this is one of the many reasons having a planner is amazing. You simply do not have to worry about this sort of thing.) 


If you ARE doing this yourself, you need this information. However… even got overwhelmed reading all their tips and insider info.

Professional planners know this information like they know the route driving home. It’s there. It’s ingrained. We literally live and breathe by these schedules. So we know how it works. And how to put it together. And how to spearhead potential problems LONG before your wedding day. 

virtual sketch 1.jpg

Music City Events Virtual Planner Package – Perfect for the DIY Bride

This is where our newest package – the Virtual Planner – comes in handy. Say you’re the best crafter you know. You can Pinterest and DIY like nobody’s business. That’s amazing. Kudos and my deepest admiration to you. You can still do all that AND have the benefit of working with professionals with over 15 years experience not only in events but in Nashville. Let us help your day run so smooth you’ll wonder why you don’t throw parties like this every year. :) 

Happy DIY-ing!

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Blushing Brides: think pink! 2014 Trend

We love fashion. LOVE IT. 

We also love working with fashion-forward brides! A new 2014 trend that we love right now are pink and blush wedding gowns. Check out some of our couture favorites – and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

JLM Couture

Georges Hobeika

Actress Kaley Cuoco on her wedding day in a pink Vera Wang Gown

A fabulous concoction from the Oscar de la Renta 2014 bridal collection.

We always adore Elie Saab!

Even if you don’t want to go all the way to pink, don’t be afraid to think outside the traditional white if that’s not your thing. Trust us. You will be most happy when you feel like yourself!

Happy shopping!

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the Guest List (insert scary music!)

The Guest List. Yeesh.

You’re engaged! How exciting! I’m thrilled for you! When is the wedding? We cannot wait for an invitation!

Being engaged is very exciting, no doubt, but it can also be overwhelming as people find out, congratulate you and inquire as to the date so they can add it to their calendar…

So. Who do you invite to your special day? Every bride grapples with this question, so don’t feel stressed! Below are a few key tips to keep in mind.

  1. Your guest list will impact more than just who attends your wedding. The size of your wedding (in terms of attendees) will directly affect the cost, the available locations, what type of food is affordable for your budget, how many flowers and tables and linens and chairs and glasses of wine and beer and …and…and. It. Affects. Everything. So think long and hard about whether you prefer a light fare served buffet style for 250 or a great meal served family style to your nearest and dearest 150.
    Remember, you don’t have to invite EVERYONE you know to have a wonderful wedding.

  1. Keep family in mind when making your guest list. Remember you are joining TWO families together, and you don’t want to leave any family members out or hurt any feelings on either side of the aisle, so consult with your fiancee during the process.

(remember Meet the Parents?:) )

  1. If at all possible, ensure every guest attending your wedding knows at least one other person there excluding their “plus-one”. This will make your party more enjoyable for everyone (and possibly help you “weed-out” some of the people that might really just be acquaintances).


Happy sipping!
(Because what goes better with “guest list” producing than a taste testing yummy signature drinks?!)

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Signature Drinks – Part 1, Classic Champagne

We are fancy ladies (sometimes we are fancy in our pjs, but still – fancy!) and while sipping champagne cocktails during last night’s domination Super Bowl game, I thought – wouldn’t it be fun to have a series on signature drinks?

The answer is – duh! So, here is the first of 4 “Signature Drink” ramblings insights from yours truly!


I loooove champagne – especially at a wedding when everyone is already bubbly with excitement! What better way to serve this classic celebratory liquid than to create a festive signature drink? Over the years we have created and sampled (yeah. This job is hard sometimes!) several champagne drinks. Here are our top three favorites!

St. Germaine Champagne Cocktail
Simple and sweet.
Champagne + a splash of St. Germaine + Raspberry to garnish.

Bubbly Martini
A little unexpected and delightfully fresh.
Champagne +  a splash of Gin. Mix into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with Olives.


Champagne Mojitos
This drink is a favorite of mine and perfect for a summer wedding! It takes a little more prep like a regular mojito, but is worth the (bartender’s) efforts! It is prepared with rum and fresh mint just like a classic mojito but topped with a splash (or 2 in my case) of champagne.

3/4 cup sugar, 3/4 cup water, 1 1/2 cups packed mint leaves, plus 12 mint sprigs, for garnish. 6 limes, cut into wedges, 2 cups light rum, cracked ice and 3 cups Champagne or sparkling wine.

In a small saucepan, combine the sugar and water and cook over high heat just until the sugar has dissolved. Let cool to room temperature.
In a large pitcher, combine the sugar syrup with the mint leaves and lime wedges and muddle well with a wooden spoon. Add the rum and stir well. Strain the drink into another pitcher.

Fill tall glasses with cracked ice and pour in the drink, filling them about two-thirds full. Top with Champagne, garnish with the mint sprigs and enjoy!!

The Glass
Don’t forget to take into account the glassware your choose to serve your highlighted sips. Make your champagne cocktails extra inviting by serving them in one of these charming retro champagne glasses!

(images from googleimage.com, recipe from foodandwine.com)

 Happy sipping!

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Calling all Social Media Mavens – Intern needed!

Are you obsessed with Pinterest? Do you dig social media? Do you love to write? You don’t mind picking up the phone and calling strangers for fact checking and research purposes? Are you smart? Funny? (This is starting to sound like a match.com personal ad – yikes.) You catch my drift, though, right?


Music City Events is looking for a social media intern to join our team! We manage two companies and produce all the marketing, design, booking, planning and coordinating of 70+ events per year. So, you can see we need a few extra hands to help. You get to do the fun stuff, like research and write for the blogs, play on pinterest and Instagram. But, there’s the not-so-fun stuff like fact checking, making phone calls, uploading events to our website, SmugMug and Instagram. (MAYBE you find that a lot of fun!) Bonus points if you love weddings, gowns, flowers, design and menus. Extra bonus points if you know what an LED Par Can  is.

This internship is an unpaid position.

Interns are expected to be familiar with social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter yada yada. You must be able to think strategically and see how social media fits into a business’ marketing strategy, not just “selling” to our customers, but building long-lasting relationships by providing value to them. Interns must be able to assist in formulating social media plans (once ample information is provided to you), and then carry them out (with our assistance). You must be able to measure and document the impact of social media, and then suggest action-steps to increase impact.

Interns will be performing the following tasks:

  • Uploading videos, photo albums, etc.
  • Finding users to follow/friend/like our business
  • Writing and posting blog posts/tweets/updates, etc.
  • Tracking the growth and the impact of social media on our business
  • Replying to comments, messages, etc.
  • Report findings to the team
  • Consistently learn and grow, ask pertinent questions

Sound like your dream internship? Let’s do this.

Apply to sarah@aMusicCityEvent.com.

Deadline is January 30.

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Bridal Bootcamp – Where Smart Bride’s Go to Learn What’s What!

Join us for

Displaying smart-bride-banner-300-250-complimentary.gif

Ashley’s Bride Guide Kicks Off
3rd Annual Wedding Planning Workshop
on January 21st
cohosted by Music City Events!

Ashley’s Bride Guide will host their third annual Smart Bride Workshop this month. This year’s annual wedding planning workshop consists of a series of three wedding planning classes.

If you pre-register, the event is free! If you miss the pre-registration, each night of planning advice and information is only $10/person. Ashley’s Bride Guide (ABG) will host the workshop the evenings of Tuesday, January 21 at Sambuca Nashville with Music City Events; January 28 at Nashville City Club; and mid-day on Saturday, February 8 at the Peacock Ballroom in Lenox Village. Not only will brides have their questions answered, one-on-one time with recent brides and vendors, but they will also get the chance to see three spectacular and unique venues in Nashville.

Brides, grooms, their friends and family attended the annual event hosted by ABG that gives an opportunity to hear from the experts themselves. This workshop is a chance to meet Nashville’s wedding planning pros in a relaxed, informational setting.

Displaying nashville-wedding-workshop-brides37.jpgBridal Bootcamp, 2011 – our planner, Sarah Willard, sits on the expert panel!

Each evening will have a different focus, which will allow brides/grooms the opportunity to attend all sessions or choose which will apply to them. The first evening will cover “How to Set Your Vision, Values, Priorities, Budget.” Jan 28 will begin, “How to Determine Your Budget and Wedding Style”, and the final evening will cover “How to Select Your Wedding Team and DIY Projects”.

Displaying 2014-smart-nashville-bride-640v1.jpg

Last year, Jenn and Jermaine Dobbins attended as a newly engaged couple that benefited greatly from hearing about the importance of deciding on your vision, before hiring vendors, and this year they will return as a part of our panel.

For more information on the event or for contact information for our panelists or attendees, please contact Ashley King by email at info@ashleysbrideguide.com or by phone at 615-730-2226. For more information on ABG, visit http://www.ashleysbrideguide.com.

Happy planning – we hope to see you there!

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What to Wear to a Wedding – Par Deux, Men’s Style!

Choosing the right outfit for a wedding can be a challenge for guys depending on its style, location and the time of year. They (not really, but it feels like it) have fewer options than we ladies and tend to not take as many fashion “risks” as we do!

Here, our helpful guide for menswear to a wedding!

Summer Wedding

image courtesy of ALowCountryWed.com

Certainly avoid black and other dark colors unless it’s a formal event. You also want to avoid wool and other heavy fabrics typically worn in fall and winter. Choose a lighter colored suit in cotton, linen or seersucker. Many designers continue to come out with suits in fabrics other than wool. Also, a cotton or linen suit with a bit of stretch added with help retain its shape and give it a slightly more polished look. If it is an evening wedding, black would be acceptable, but go for cotton as I have mentioned. And don’t forget a sharp, fashionable bout or silk pocket square!

Winter Wedding

Obviously dark colors are appropriate as well as wool. Suits and blazers with nice trousers, or perhaps a cashmere v-neck sweater with a shirt and tie underneath would all be nice choices. A dress shirt, tie and dress pants are acceptable on their own if that’s all you have, but dress them up with a sweater or blazer if you can. Texture and prints are fun to play with and can drastically change the appearance of your suit! AAAND one can never go wrong with a sharp 3 piece suit!

image courtesy of sfgate.com

image courtesy of baronboutique.com

image courtesy of indulgy.com


Evening Wedding
A dark suit is always appropriate and a tuxedo is the only thing to wear if you know it is a formal affair, but remember tuxedos are not to be worn before 5:00pm. If you know it will casual or semi-formal, you can always wear a blazer and slacks with a tie, but try not to look like you’ve just come from the office. Opt for a tie, shirt or both that look more stylish than your usual office attire.

image courtesy of dessy.com

To Be Avoided at All Costs (and I have had the misfortune of witnessing all of the following first hand)

  • Too casual of a pant such as cargo pants or worse, jeans
  • Birkenstocks
  • Out-dressing the wedding party
  • Un-ironed clothes and unpolished shoes
  • Wild colors and prints (suits only! Go crazy with your shirt, tie, vest, sweater… those are your accessories. Have fun with them!)

The above rules don’t exactly apply if you have been invited to a beach, Vegas, or some other out-of-the-ordinary wedding. In those cases, unless otherwise directed by the wedding party, anything goes. Yikes!

Happy dressing!

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